New Blush Trends From The Spring 2017 Catwalks

With Spring 2017 beauty looks out in full force, makeup lovers now have a chance to brush on the rosy rouge and unveil youthful cheeks for the season ahead. Looking at the spring catwalks, it’s clear that classic ruddy and pink shades of blush have returned to the forefront of beauty. Whether you plan to pile on the cheek colour or simply stun with light, barely there tones, take a look at these rising blush trends now.

bb5de CHANEL SPRING 2017 - New Blush Trends From The Spring 2017 Catwalks


At Chanel, femininity and girlish beauty were on full display, with pinkish red blush sculpted high on the cheekbones. Meanwhile, bold brows and glossy pink lips complement the blush colour. To rock an inspired look, turn to a glowing complexion and minimal eye makeup to achieve a similar visage.

bb5de KENZO - New Blush Trends From The Spring 2017 Catwalks


The Kenzo take on blush was highly dramatic and sultry, with expertly highlighted and defined cheeks and fiery crimson colour. If you’re an adventurous makeup addict, you may want to draw your influences from the Kenzo runway. Perhaps only suitable for a wild night out, this runway look featured strobed cheeks paired with vampy, slick red pouts.

bb5de SELMAN - New Blush Trends From The Spring 2017 Catwalks

Adam Selman

There is hope yet for the natural beauty at heart, who hopes to capture a minimalist look for Spring 2017. At Adam Selman, the look involved light fairytale pinks, for a stark contrast against the vivid cheeks at other catwalks. The ballet slipper-toned cheeks and pastel pink eyeshadow are flattering for low key spring afternoons, where a no makeup look is simply necessary.   

Photos: Vogue Runway 

Highlighter Is The Season’s Must-Try Makeup Look

4650e GLOWING SKIN 1 - Highlighter Is The Season’s Must-Try Makeup Look

Photo: Elie Saab Spring 2017 (Vogue Runway) 

For Spring 2017, the look of luminous skin is bringing an angelic glow to earth. With dehydrated post-winter skin leaving many of us with sallow, dry complexions, highlighter is the easiest way to achieve the complexion of your dreams. Staying true to the trend, the ubiquitous dewy glow has been spotted just about everywhere.

On the runway at Elie Saab, contoured visages were emphasized with highlighter which created a soft, naturally beautiful effect. Paired with shimmering eyeshadow and luscious dark eyelashes, the Elie Saab makeup look can easily work for either day or night.

44b38 HIGHLIGHTER - Highlighter Is The Season’s Must-Try Makeup Look

Photo: kikay_mah on Instagram 

If subtlety isn’t quite for you, try enhancing your entire face with gleaming highlighter to impart an otherworldly glow. Along with soft rosy blush and pale pink lips, gold highlighter and complete a spring-ready beauty statement. Simply add black winged liner and faux lashes to further elevate your look for the evening hours.

44b38 HIGHLIGHTER 2 - Highlighter Is The Season’s Must-Try Makeup Look

Photo: weronika.rose on Instagram 

 For a sultry take on the highlighted face, accent your look with sharply sculpted cheekbones and pale pink blush. Turn to kohl-lined lower eyelids, dark eyebrows and a natural lipstick shade to allow your natural beauty to shine.

However you decide to wear the season’s must-have highlighter, shimmering youthful skin is clearly the order of the day.

Get Spring’s Colourful Eye Look With These Vivid Eyeliners

e65bf iStock 528489056 - Get Spring’s Colourful Eye Look With These Vivid Eyeliners

While more neutral shades of black and brown eyeliner are mainstays in the makeup bag of every beauty guru, this season is about experimenting with on-trend pastel and neon eye makeup. Fitting Spring 2017’s trends, bold and bright eyeliner can easily add a pop of colour to just about any eye look. From eye-brightening peach tones to sultry metallic rose gold, here’s our roundup of five punchy and vibrant eyeliner options to experiment with now. 

3d115 Orange 196x300 - Get Spring’s Colourful Eye Look With These Vivid Eyeliners

Colour Buckat Mirro Mirror Gel Liner in 10 Melodic Shine Orange, $10: Many of us may stay away from the often unflattering shade of orange. However, when worn in moderation in the form of a liner, this fiery hue can really make your eyes pop. This particular gel liner from Colour Buckat is said to offer a slight shimmer which just might make your eyes catch the light and sparkle. 

3d115 Deep End - Get Spring’s Colourful Eye Look With These Vivid Eyeliners

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Deep End, $25: Bring out your inner mermaid with an aquamarine eyeliner this spring. Even if you aren’t swimming the depths of the ocean, aquatic eyes are always en vogue for the gradually warming temperatures. This deep blue liner from Urban Decay promises to be soft, creamy and long-wearing. 

3d115 Papaya Peach 245x300 - Get Spring’s Colourful Eye Look With These Vivid Eyeliners

Too Faced Sketch Marker Liquid Art Pencil in Papaya Peach, $26: Peach eyeliners are a quick and easy way to make you look awake on those sleep-deprived days, and can also enhance an olive or tanned complexion. This flesh-toned liquid liner from Too Faced is said to be inspired by Japanese calligraphy pens. The waterproof formula and flexible tip claim to create brush-like strokes and offer a sleek application as a result. 

0bfc6 Lilac - Get Spring’s Colourful Eye Look With These Vivid Eyeliners

Givenchy Khol Couture Waterproof Retractable Eyeliner in Lilac, $30: If liquid liners are too extreme for your tastes, turn to kohl eyeliner as a smooth solution instead. For springtime, cheery shades of pastel purple can easily lighten your makeup look of the day. This lilac shade from Givenchy claims to offer a waterproof pigment-rich formula that is said to resist humidity and glide seamlessly onto your lid.

0bfc6 Rose Gold - Get Spring’s Colourful Eye Look With These Vivid Eyeliners

Tarte Make Believe In Yourself: Limited-Edition Tarteist™ PRO Glitter Liner in Rose Gold, $31: You may already own a rose gold dress, watch or clutch, but have you ever considered bringing this pretty metallic hue into your beauty look? Tarte’s new limited edition product offers a rose gold eyeliner on one end, and also boasts a glitter top coat on the other side. The eyeliner can be used to create a more subtle and wearable effect, while a swipe of glitter can elevate your metallic eye to a new level for the evening hours.  

Photo: iStock 

Get An Effortless Glowing Visage With This Makeup Tutorial

19637 PEACH EYE MAKEUP - Get An Effortless Glowing Visage With This Makeup Tutorial

Photo: mariabethany on Instagram 

With springtime temperatures upon us, beauty addicts everywhere are dreaming of smooth and glowing skin. The season’s makeup trends point toward pale pink and peach tones, which can easily offer a refreshed and beautiful glow. If you’re aiming to abandon your heavy makeup in favour of romantic springlike hues, try achieving the look with this simple makeup tutorial.

1) Start off by preparing your visage: To begin creating your beauty look, prepare your skin with primer and liquid foundation. Use a beauty sponge in order to blend in the product, and then apply concealer to unwanted dark circles or blemishes.

2) Begin applying eyeshadow: Next, use a makeup brush to apply a pale pink, blush or nude powder eyeshadow to your top eyelids. Soft peachy shades can easily impart a dreamy, ethereal look.

3) Add mascara for a defined effect: At this point, you can add false lashes if you are aiming for a more dramatic or evening look. Otherwise, applying black or dark brown mascara to your eyelashes can help to enhance your eyes and complete your makeup statement.

4) Contour your cheekbones with blush and apply highlighter: In order to take your beautiful pink look to entirely new heights, try defining your cheekbones with shimmering rosy blush. As your next step, brush on highlighter and carefully illuminate your complexion.

5) Turn to pink lip gloss as a final step: Once you are finished with your cheek colour and highlighter, slick on a peachy pink lip gloss. The colour will allow your pout to shine, and also complement your eye and cheek colours.

Pastel Lips Get A Weird New Twist With Eccentric Colours

While pastel lips are commonly spotted in shades of pink, the trend of the soft yet vibrant spring pout has now spread to unconventional colours. Whether you’re personally a fan of vivid orange or find yourself captivated by sky blue, there’s no shortage of weird and wonderful lip colours for Spring 2017. Just in time for the change in the weather and party season, take a glance at these wild runway lip looks which just might change your beauty routine.

7c130 THOM BROWNE 1 - Pastel Lips Get A Weird New Twist With Eccentric Colours

Thom Browne

For the truly adventurous makeup junkie, the Thom Browne catwalk just might offer some inspiration. Although dark blue lips caused a sensation earlier this year, Thom Browne showcased models with chalky, powder blue pouts. The light blue colour is certainly best left for the evening hours, as this funky and futuristic hue may not the best fit for the office.

7c130 JASON WU - Pastel Lips Get A Weird New Twist With Eccentric Colours

Jason Wu

At Jason Wu, tangerine lips reigned supreme, with the pastel orange tone lighting up a bare visage. If you want to sport a similar punchy shade, stick to a single coat of mascara and moisturized, fresh skin. Paired with minimalist eye makeup and a youthful, healthy complexion, the orange lips instantly brought images of Popsicles to mind. Suiting the season, take your beauty cues from the iced summertime treat, and prepare to light up backyards everywhere with your smile.  

f4985 MAISON MARGIELA - Pastel Lips Get A Weird New Twist With Eccentric Colours

Maison Margiela

Icy lavender made a grand appearance at Maison Margiela, where avant garde vibes were the look of the day. A touch of shimmer brought a frosty touch to the lipstick statement, which can offer a change from a no makeup look. Whether you decide to turn up the glamour factor with defined smokey eyes or allow the sparkling pale purple lips to speak for themselves, this is a colour choice for the true beauty rebel. 

Photos: Vogue Runway 

Decorate Your Eyelids With The Flamingo Pink Eyeshadow Trend

32a0c PINK EYESHADOW 1 - Decorate Your Eyelids With The Flamingo Pink Eyeshadow Trend

Photo: jassiewazzie on Instagram 

While pink eyeshadow has been a makeup bag essential for decades, never before has it experienced quite the moment that it’s enjoying for Spring 2017. On social media, beauty gurus of every stripe are painting their lids with flamingo-toned eyeshadow, which is stealing the spotlight from light pastel tones. Although ballet slipper and barely there blush shades are still popular, the hot pink eyelid is a funky, free-spirited way to rock the trend.

32a0c PINK EYESHADOW 2 - Decorate Your Eyelids With The Flamingo Pink Eyeshadow Trend

Photo: jamieleebeauty94 on Instagram 

If you’re uncertain of the trend, try layering your darker pink eyeshadow with a lighter pink option, to create a pretty monochromatic look. Meanwhile, dramatic long eyelashes, contoured rosy cheeks and a precious pink pout can complement the pink colour palette of your makeup look.

f0384 PINK EYESHADOW 3 - Decorate Your Eyelids With The Flamingo Pink Eyeshadow Trend

Photo: jojoytse on Instagram 

Meanwhile, shading and blending your flamingo shadow can bring the attention to your lids, and can especially contrast against brown eyes. Paired with a matching dark pink lip and flawless springtime skin, a pop of colour can go a long way toward creating a refreshing beauty look.

To bring your pink eyelid into the evening hours, turn to a hint of silver glitter and dark winged eyeliner. Whether you are craving everyday glam or a bold statement for a night on the town, there’s no denying the fact that hot pink shadow is officially hot.

Would You Experiment With Polka Dot Eye Makeup?

427b9 DOT EYELINER - Would You Experiment With Polka Dot Eye Makeup?

Photo: _baked_goods on Instagram 

In the past couple of seasons, all manner of eyeliner trends have surfaced and made a splash in the world of beauty. From bold cat eyes to vibrant neon shades, it’s clear that eye makeup has been elevated to entirely new heights. However, the latest whimsical eyeliner trend takes the classic line of eyeliner, and transforms it into a series of polka dots.

427b9 DOTTED EYELINER FEATURED - Would You Experiment With Polka Dot Eye Makeup?

Photo: glitterbombedcolor on Instagram 

Also known as dotted eyeliner, the look of polka dots can easily bring a vampy touch to your usual eye makeup. If you’re a fan of moody dark tones, try outlining your eyes with a strategic scattering of tiny black dots. Arranged around the upper eyelid, dark eyeliner dots can transform you from an everyday beauty to a rebellious vixen. Meanwhile, adventurous makeup lovers can turn to dark grey eyeshadows, in order to create the perfect smokey eye.

65d7e POLKA DOT EYELINER - Would You Experiment With Polka Dot Eye Makeup?

Photo: _baked_goods on Instagram 

For a change from brooding tones, turn to springtime pastels as an alternative. If you’re looking for a more eye-catching take on the trend, light green, blue and white dots can instantly brighten your lids. Instead of a thick series of dots, consider an assortment of thin, tiny polka dots. Accent your beauty statement with a double coat of mascara, and skip the heavy eye makeup for a festival-ready look.

If there’s a birthday party on your social calendar, you can also turn up the glamour factor with rainbow-coloured confetti eye makeup. Accessorize a stripe of inky liquid liner with purple, pink and red dots spread across your eyelids. Whether you’re ready to party or simply soaking up the makeup trends of the season, your newly adorned lids are sure to make a bold first impression.

Summer Runway Makeup Looks To Embrace Now

As patios and rooftops prepare for yet another season of breezy outdoor entertaining, you can rest assured that beauty addicts will be updating their looks for the season. Whether you are a primadonna who wants her lipstick in place or a minimalist, summer makeup can involve everything from night out glamour to everyday chic. This season, take to the runways and capture the essence of the catwalks as you update your beauty for the summer months. Here are a few striking examples to help you get the summer beauty of your dreams.

4b94f VERSUS VERSACE - Summer Runway Makeup Looks To Embrace Now

Versus Versace

For a taste of rebellion, channel your inner green-eyed monster and transform your bare lids into a verdant oasis. At Versus Versace, models strut the catwalk with plenty of green eyeshadow, paired with minimal makeup. The absence of eyeliner and mascara made the shadow truly pop, while natural-looking skin provided the perfect canvas.

4b94f BALMAIN - Summer Runway Makeup Looks To Embrace Now


If you want a slight grunge effect, look no further than Balmain. Try accenting your eyes with subtle shimmer and lashings of mascara for a sultry, doe-eyed effect. Meanwhile, the addition of slightly flushed cheeks and au naturel lips can help you seal the deal.

9b3c2 FENTY PUMA - Summer Runway Makeup Looks To Embrace Now

Fenty x Puma

For a mix of bad gal and girl next door, the Fenty x Puma look may offer the perfect inspiration. Start off by highlighting your eyes with doll lashes, with plenty of volumizing mascara or false lashes if need. Next, glossy and shimmering pink lips and pastel pink blush will offset your bold eyelashes, and bring femininity into your overall look.

Photos: Vogue Runway