Does this mean wedding bells for Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott?

Kylie Jenner
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- Does this mean wedding bells for Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott?

We are as surprised as you are every time Kylie Jenner does something out of the ordinary, and this time is no exception.

Kylie and her boyfriend Travis Scott clearly weren’t happy with just matching tattoos. They had to really prove their love to the world.

The new couple have been seen out in public after a hot lunch date with matching diamond rings on their right hands. This is HUGE.

Kylie jenner

The 19-year-old Jenner seemed to enjoy showing off her ring with 24-year-old Scott close beside her. Does this mean wedding bells for the duo? Rumour has it that the words ‘engagement’ and ‘wedding’ are not out of the question for these two love birds.

Kylie Jenner

As you can see, both diamond bands are worn on the right hand. This isn’t the traditional marriage hand, but since when have the Kardashian-Jenners done anything traditionally?

Maybe the rings are just a coincidence. If so, Jenner is definitely trying to make some noise. She knows her fans will have something to say, because let’s face it we always do!

Kylie Jenner

This isn’t the first time Kylie has been seen out and about with a ring on her finger. Back in the day, Kylie Jenner and her ex boyfriend Tyga were spotted multiple times with matching rings.

Kylie Jenner

Could this mean that wearing a matching ring with your bae is a regular accessory for Kylie Jenner?

If it’s not an engagement ring, then it is most likely a promise ring for these two lovers.

Don’t get me wrong, a promise ring is still a big deal, but a Jenner wedding is something we would all very much like to see.

Kylie Jenner

Regardless, matching rings for Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott is just more proof that they are taking their relationship very seriously. Who knows what Kylie Jenner will do next to stir the pot once more.

Brad Pitt is back on the dating scene

Brad Pitt
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- Brad Pitt is back on the dating scene

Is Brad Pitt back in action?

After his shocking divorce with the beautiful Angelina Jolie, Brad has been doing everything he can to move on.

Apparently Brad was seen flirting up a storm with the gorgeous Sienna Miller on the set of the film The Lost City of Z, which Brad himself produced back in 2015.

brad pitt
This would work on us. Credit: Giphy

However, Sienna decided to set things straight when she was asked about their relationship on the radio show ‘Sway in the Morning’.

”So this is the truth about that: Brad Pitt is producing the movie that I just wrapped, but I didn’t see him. He’s not been to the set. You know, he’s the producer of the film and I’ve met him twice. It’s insane,” Sienna said.

Well, now it seems like Brad has been once again mingling with Sienna Miller. The two were seen holding hands at the Glastonbury music festival. Very PG but onlookers said the two were heavily into PDA.

Sources have told The Sun that “Brad and Sienna couldn’t keep their hands off each other, touching, and stroking each other at every opportunity. They seemed really intimate.”

Brad Pitt

“The party was cut short and they had to leave after five minutes because the venue was closing. Bradley Cooper left and Brad and Sienna headed back arm-in-arm to their private Winnebego,” the sources said.

Brad Pitt is clearly dating as if he was 30, instead of his actual age of 53. When I found out his age, my jaw just dropped to the floor.

Let’s be honest, you can’t walk past Sienna Miller without a second glance.

Brad Pitt

The 35-year-old is a British American actress, as well as a fashion designer and model. Miller has the brains, the looks and all things in between.

If rumours are true, Brad Pitt is one lucky man!

The first trailer for ‘The Greatest Showman’ is here

the greatest showman
Credit: The Greatest Showman/21st Century Fox

- The first trailer for ‘The Greatest Showman’ is here

Did you love La La Land? What am I saying, of course you did.

It was so refreshing to see a film finally come around that not only contained such an amazing original score, but that was also just made with such a sense of joy that we remembered why we love cinema so much.

Well, hold on to your hats, because there is a new film coming that looks like it will plaster smiles back all over our faces and have us singing off into the sunset, happily ever after again. And that film is The Greatest Showman.

It features prime Aussie beef Hugh Jackman as legendary circus performer P. T. Barnum, the founder of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum Bailey Circus. You might know the famous act by another name – the original ‘Greatest Show on Earth’.

- The first trailer for ‘The Greatest Showman’ is here
You’re damn right you are.

Hugh is going to be accompanied by Zac Efron and Michelle Williams, with the Oscar-winning creators of La La Land writing an original score.

I know, I got excited too.

Check out the trailer if you really want to get a handle on things. There’s fire, little people, trapeze stunts, bearded women, and every other vaguely circus-y thing your mad depraved mind can think of:

Tell me I wasn’t the only one with goosebumps.

However, since it’s a movie, we can be sure of two things: it will be a bit removed from the truth (and that’s being a tad generous) and it won’t all be sunshine and roses, as the brief shot of Zac Efron’s black-and-blue face suggests.

However, it looks like one hell of a heart-warmer, and if it gets me smiling anywhere near as much as La La Land, then The Greatest Showman will be worth the wait.

Roll on December.

Rock and rap join forces to stop the Jenner sisters

jenner sisters

- Rock and rap join forces to stop the Jenner sisters

We need no reminder that Kylie and Kendall Jenner are the hottest fashionistas in Hollywood. They dictate what’s hot, what’s not, and what will soon be trending. Thanks to their fame of a combined 177.6 million followers, they can turn literally anything into a hot fashion accessory!

Exhibit A: who could get away with ripped booty jeans but Kylie?

Jenner sisters
Credit: Kylie Jenner Instagram

Included in their extended wardrobe is the girls’ penchant for vintage rock tees. This year, we’ve seen Kylie and Kendall turn oversized 80’s rock legend tees into hot, shredded works of art.

Jenner sisters

This inspired Kendall and Kylie Inc to brainstorm a way to bank in on this trend. What they came up with is a line of shirts that merged images of the likes of Ozzy Osbourne, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Biggie, Tupac, Metallica, Kiss, and The Doors with images of the girls themselves (at $125 a pop of course).

Jenenr sisters
Credit: Kendall+Kylie website

When did the Jenners add “rockstars” to their long repertoire of successful business ventures? It’s also quite humorous, considering that Kylie hasn’t picked up a guitar in her life and Kendall made this cringe-worthy comment:


Jenner Sisters
Credit: Kendall Jenner Twitter

This is a step beyond, though. The move has music royalty shook and they are NOT laughing. Many scathing comments as come as a result of these rocking tees, including a seething Instagram post from the always outspoken Sharon Osbourne, wife and manager of Ozzy Osbourne, AKA Prince of Darkness.

Jenner sisters
Credit: Sharon Osbourne instagram

Shortly after the hip hop side of this music war was known, after Voletta Wallace, mother of rap genius Notorious B.I.G, let her thoughts fly on her Instagram. She shared a image of the t-shirt slashed, with a message letting fans know that The Notorious B.I.G estate did not approve the plagiarism.

Jenner Sisters
Credit: Volette Wallace Instagram

Finally understanding that this was a MAJOR fashion faux-pas, The Kylie and Kendall camp removed the t-shirts from their website. This statement was issued on behalf of Kendall and Kylie:

- Rock and rap join forces to stop the Jenner sisters
Credit: Kendall Jenner Instagram

Kylie and Kendall’s misstep is just the one of the problematic business decisions that have been plaguing Jenner brand lately. Who can forget that awful Pepsi commercial that Kendall signed up for?

Hopefully the girls have learned their lesson. Some things are meant to be sacred, like great music and the legends who created it.

Alyssa Milano announces the Charmed feud is officially over

alyssa milano
The Power of Three. Credit: The CW

- Alyssa Milano announces the Charmed feud is officially over

Alyssa Milano appeared on Daily Pop on E! News today and declared that the feud between her and Charmed costar Shannen Doherty is finally over for good.

For anyone who’s been living under a rock, Charmed was a show about the three Halliwell sisters who lived together in San Francisco, had names starting with “P”, and were also witches who saved the world on a daily basis. It ran from 1998 to 2006, incorporating different half-sisters and cousins, and had this killer theme song.

Doherty played the telekinetic oldest sister Prue Halliwell who worked as an appraiser for an auction house. Prue dated a cop, who was always investigating the strange crimes happening in the city before the witches secretly saved the day.

Move. Credit: Giphy

Doherty quit the show in 2001 after tensions rose between her and Milano. Maybe this was because Milano played the youngest sister Phoebe Halliwell, who was the black sheep of the family and fell in love with one of the most powerful demons of all time.

*sharp inhale* Credit: Giphy

Phoebe had the passive power of premonition, so did less cool things on set and was constantly bossed around by Prue.

Stop daydreaming about the future Phoebe. Credit: Giphy

Meanwhile, Holly Marie Combs played middle sister Piper Halliwell, who could freeze and explode objects, people, and supernatural beings with her hands. Piper was also an awesome chef who owned a banging nightclub. She also married Leo, their whitelighter (a guardian angel for good witches) who would often teleport them to crime scenes by orbing them and could also heal them.

Boom. Credit: Giphy

So obviously, Milano became dissatisfied because Phoebe sucked and Prue was the most powerful and “attractive” one. But more importantly, Doherty and Combs had a close friendship for 10 years prior to Charmed which often left Milano out. Awkies.

Star of the show. Credit: Giphy

To fill the void that Doherty left, Rose McGowan joined as half-sister Paige Halliwell, who was half-whitelighter. This means that she had the normal witch powers with all the spells and the potions, but she could also teleport herself and other things and people by orbing them.

You missed. Credit: Giphy

Kaley Cuoco also starred in one season as Billie Jenkins, a telekinetic college student who was guarded by Paige. Cuoco is now a star on The Big Bang Theory, moving from the paranormal to science.

What is that outfit? Credit: Giphy

As of today, the Charmed feud is officially over. Milano stated in her interview on Daily Pop that she and Doherty have been DM-ing regularly on Twitter (whoa). They even plan to meet up – and soon.

“I think we’re just at ages now where what happened 15 years ago […], it’s now irrelevant,” she said.

Milano said that time has healed the wounds, and with her experience of motherhood and Doherty’s battle with cancer, they’ve changed as people.

“I’m so happy that she is feeling well. And I prayed for her everyday that she would feel well. And I can’t wait to see her,” Milano said happily.

Wouldn’t it great if the original cast of Charmed got back together for a reunion? For real guys, don’t fight ever again. Don’t forget that the Power of Three will set us free. But it’s been so long. In the words of the theme song: “I’ve already waited too long, and all my hope is gone”.

Name a more iconic trio. Credit: Giphy

There are many reasons why Charmed is an iconic show but we just wanted to remind you of a few highlights.

1. Fashion

The hairstyles, clothes, and makeup were sooo 90s/early 00s. Charmed fashion was adventurous, carefree, and sexy. Take note.

Bossy Prue Vs Reckless Phoebe. Credit: Giphy
No. Credit: Giphy

2. Bands

Charmed had heaps of bands playing in Piper’s club P3, including Dishwalla. Scenes with live bands were also featured in other shows like The O.C., who had performances from The Killers, Modest Mouse, Death Cab for Cutie, The Subways, and Rachael Yamagata.

3. Boys

Cops, models, demons, neighbours, handymen – you name it. The boys (and girls) were wild for the Halliwell sisters. And they always teased each other for it. Piper and Leo got caught canoodling many times and Paige was pretty frisky too.

Caught. Credit: Giphy
7 minutes in heaven. Credit: Giphy
Bad timing. Credit: Giphy

4. Golden Gate Bridge

Hey, it’s San Fransisco! Shots of the Golden Gate Bridge split the show into parts, but it was the best when character got stranded on the top of the bridge. Characters also casually met up there (Wtf? Only Charmed could do that).

Good Vs Evil. Credit: The CW
Paige scaring her boyfriend. Credit: The CW

5. Hilarious vanquishing scenes

The vanquishing scenes were hilariously overacted. The faces pulled by the baddies as they died were priceless.

There are no words. Credit: Giphy

6. Character phases

The Halliwell sisters often went through phases, whether it was self-inflicted or caused by a curse. Like when Paige turned into Daria or when Phoebe was a mermaid.

Daria? Credit: Giphy
alyssa milano
Water is the essence of beauty. Credit: The CW

Charmed was such a great show. It’s awesome the on-screen sisters are finally at peace with each other. They’re keeping busy too! In particular, Milano will be on the next season of Wet Hot American Summer: 10 Years Later.

Lindsay Lohan reaches out to celeb pals for epic birthday plans

lindsay lohan
Credit: Getty Images

- Lindsay Lohan reaches out to celeb pals for epic birthday plans

In the world of bizarre tweets, Lindsay Lohan just topped it.

Let me set a scene for you – Lindsay Lohan was probably walking along the beach in her new home in Mykonos and had moment where she thought: “This all too quiet? Whatever happened to the good old days?”

The good old days meaning rocking up to hot Hollywood clubs with gal pals Britney Spears and Paris Hilton in tow, sporting hot outfits and causing absolute havoc amongst the hundreds of paparazzi there to capture a glimpse of the hot young and famous trio.

- Lindsay Lohan reaches out to celeb pals for epic birthday plans

With Lindsay’s birthday weekend looming, she thought it was the perfect opportunity to reunite with her old party pals! It’s been awhile (almost 20 years), but hey, the love is still there!

Lindsay went on to write this tweet, calling out to Brit and Paris to join her for her birthday. But she didn’t stop there. She reached out to the biggest star on the planet to join in. None other than Queen Bey herself.

But Lindsay was unstoppable with the tweets. She wants it ALL back. The fame, the notoriety, and the movie roles.

Movies GIF - Find  Share on GIPHY

Mean Girls was Lindsay’s biggest film to date, apart from her cute Disney film Parent Trap, so she’s come up with the most genius plan.

The actress posted a plea on her Instagram account for actress Emma Stone to join her in bringing a sequel to the big screen. To prove a point, she made a collage of the two together to reveal their similarities, and also added hilarious hash tags to hit the comedy actress’ funny bone.

- Lindsay Lohan reaches out to celeb pals for epic birthday plans
Credit: Lindsay Lohan Instagram


But there’s a few flaws in Lindsay’s plan:

1. Given that Emma isn’t on social media, it’s unclear how or if the Easy A actress will see the request.

2. Lindsay failed to mention that there is already a Mean Girls 2 movie out there. Oops.

lindsay lohan

Lindsay’s wishes will just remain tweets, since Britney is on an world tour for her Piece of me show, Paris is DJ-ing somewhere, and we all know that Beyoncé is at home with her newborn twins. So this has no realistic possibility of happening.

But can you just imagine it? A Mean Girls 2 that people will actually watch AND the OG girl gang getting back together in sunny Mykonos?! We’re hopeful.

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Is Emma Stone the Taylor Swift of the acting industry?

emma stone taylor swift
Same but different. Taylor Swift and Emma Stone at the premiere of Easy A. Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

- Is Emma Stone the Taylor Swift of the acting industry?

I’ve been mulling over this for a while now, so it’s obviously worthy of discussion. I think that Emma Stone might be the Taylor Swift of the acting industry. Whether that means high praise or shots fired to you, hear me out.

The two stars were besties for years after they met in 2008. They did cute activities like get ice cream together, have sleepovers, and had many a bonding sessions. Emma even went to Taylor’s 4th of July parties. But they’ve drifted apart in the last few years. Maybe because they’re too similar.

Here are 13 reasons why my theory is definitely right.

1. Child stars who relocated with their mothers for a chance at fame

They were both child stars who knew what they wanted to pursue from a young age. Taylor started musical theatre lessons when she was 9, while Emma did the same for 8 years. They both began working in their fields at a young age.

In their teens, they both moved to bigger cities with their mothers to pursue their careers; Taylor moved to Nashville while Emma moved to Los Angeles.

taylor swift
Make me a star mom. Credit: Giphy


2. From young fans to universally cool

At the start of their adult careers, their fans were mostly young tweens and teens.

taylor swift
So cool you guys. Credit: Giphy

But in 2014, Taylor ended the fairytale fantasy she had manufactured and entered reality. She left country music, amassed a fanbase of older fans, and became universally cool with her pop album 1989.

taylor swift
Meta. Credit: Giphy

Similarly, around 2014, Emma started acting in comparatively serious films like Gangster Squad and Birdman. She went from a cool teen to a raw, edgy, serious actor.

emma stone
Not for children. Credit: Giphy


3. A pivotal moment of public embarrassment

Both Taylor and Emma had pivotal moments in their careers when they were publicly embarrassed and shamed, but they both used these experiences to fuel them into becoming bigger and better. For Taylor, it was that famous Kanye West interruption at the 2009 MTV Awards.

taylor swift
Incredible. Credit: Giphy

She bounced back years later with this.

taylor swift
Nice try? Credit: Giphy

For Emma, it was when she was cast as an Asian-American in the 2015 film Aloha, despite having zero asian heritage. Her character Allison Ng was an air force pilot who was a quarter Chinese and a quarter Hawaiian but had red hair and looked fully Caucasian. She was supposedly based on a real person with all the same qualities. Regardless, no more whitewashing please.

emma stone
“She can pass as Chinese right?” Credit: Giphy


4. Wildly acclaimed and successful

There’s no denying they’re both crushing it in their fields. Emma has been in countless films and won the Oscar for Best Actress for La La Land.

emma stone
City of Starrrrs. Credit: Giphy

Taylor has won pretty much every music award on the planet, multiple times. She has 10 Grammys!

taylor swift
Times a thousand. Credit: Giphy


5. Dating history widely publicised

Ok this one’s applicable to most celebrities, but people are particularly interested in Taylor and Emma’s dating lives. Emma’s relationship with Spiderman costar Andrew Garfield was widely publicised – which they took advantage of by advertising charities.

emma stone
Not the face. Credit:

Taylor is infamous for talking and writing about her exes. The list of her exploits include but are not limited to: Tom Hiddleston, Calvin Harris, Harry Styles, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, Joe Jonas, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Connor Kennedy.

taylor swift
Isn’t it ironic? Credit: Giphy

Cue the bitter hate songs.

taylor swift
Another one bites the dust. Credit: Giphy


6. Spunky everyday gals

They both have plain, average, everyday personas who are a bit edgy and spunky. They are girl’s girls but also hang with the boys too.

emma stone
“Omg that’s so me.” Credit: Giphy
taylor swift
“That’s so me too!” Credit: Giphy


7. Overdoing it with the humbleness

“Omg, I can’t believe this is happening to me!”

You mean after years of training and hard work, proof of a wide set of talents, and the support of a big network of family, friends and industry professionals, you still can’t believe you’re winning an award? Yeah nah.

taylor swift
? Credit: Giphy

There’s something about overdoing it with the humbleness that makes it turn into a humble brag. As if they’re saying: “I’m kind of annoyed that I’m successful because, like, I can’t keep up with it because I’m just a normal person like you are.” No you’re not.

emma stone
Samesies. Credit: Giphy


8. Similar fashion sense

Emma and Taylor have been known to wear similar clothes at the same time. Among the common items are diamond earrings shaped in their initials, tonnes of blazers, beanies, colour-blocked skirts, and dresses.

emma stone
Who wore it better? Credit: Getty Images
taylor swift
Seriously, who wore it better? I can’t tell the difference. Credit: Splash News


9. Similar background

Emma is 28 while Taylor is 27. Both their fathers are successful businessmen and both their mothers are homemakers.


10. They both sing and act but are so much worse in one of them (shots fired)

Sorry not sorry to disagree with the majority but Taylor’s acting and Emma’s singing are not my fave. The feeling I get is the same as when Pierce Brosnan sings in Mamma Mia. Make it stop. Double threat? Only if it’s a threat to good taste. Shots fired. Trigger warning.

Taylor’s part in Valentine’s Day was so cringe. Swifties look away! Seems like her body roll skills have improved though.

taylor swift
Please stop. Credit: Giphy

I’m gonna get slightly controversial here. Emma may have won an Oscar La La Land, but was it the acting more so than the singing that did it? And did ‘Audition Song’ really have to be a contender for Best Original Song?


11. Distinctive voices

Emma Stone had colic and nodules as a child, which resulted in her trademark husky voice. Taylor Swift’s voice is distinctive because, well, it’s drilled into our brains by the one million songs she’s made billions on. It’s also so…pointed.

taylor swift
Popstar level: Piercing. Credit: Giphy


12. Both natural blondes

This one’s pretty self explanatory.

emma stone
Blondie. Credit: Giphy


13. Bonus reason: the colour red

This one’s a bit silly but still valid. Taylor’s favourite colour and first pop-orientated album is named Red, which is the colour Emma had to dye her hair to get her big break in Superbad. (Whaaaaaat?!?) Emma Stone’s dyed red hair became a trademark look for her and it took a few years before she went back to her natural blonde colour.

emma stone
Superbad. Credit: Giphy

So there’s 13 (omg Taylor’s fav number! Coincidence?) pretty solid reasons for my hypothesis. I bet there’s plenty more too.

So do you think Emma Stone is the Taylor Swift of the acting industry?