Karli McGunigle, Mrs. Megaverse Australia is on her way to world finals!



– ​Published in the Gold Coast bulletin, Thursday 20th October 2017 –

KARLI McGunigle isn’t trying to be Wonder Woman but she is to everyone who knows her.

The Upper Coomera 23-year-old has two children, runs her own make-up artistry business and works as a night filler at Coles. She is also fundraising to get herself to the Dominican Republic to compete in the
Mrs MegaVerse world finals in early December 2017.

Mrs McGunigle will go up against women from across the globe in the reality TV show, which blends elements from Next Top Model, Survivor and The Apprentice. “I am so blessed and excited to be representing this huge title (Mrs MegaVerse Australia),” she said. “And to continue doing what I love most, and with that, empowering others around me. “I still have a long way to go to reach my target (amount to get to Punta Cana) and that all depends on getting sponsors and help from my amazing friends and family.” She said it was a struggle to juggle family, work and her pageant commitments but she hoped it would all pay off and could be a stepping stone towards bigger opportunities such as Mrs Universe.
“Mrs MegaVerse is organized by Mrs Linda Grandia and brings together a group of extraordinary women from all around the world who are on top of their game,” Mrs McGunigle said. “They dream big, are go getters, independent, resourceful and high achievers.”
And she believes that perfectly describes her too.

“I am so blessed and excited to be representing this huge title ‘Mrs MegaVerse Australia'” and grateful to Miss Linda Grandia for giving me this opportunity.

Karli McGunigle, 20 Oct 17

After Karli had been noticed in the Gold Coast Bulletin Thursday morning by radio station ‘Hot Tomato 102.9’ here on the Gold Coast, they approached her to follow up with a phone call Friday morning. Karli hopes this will be an opening to finding more potential sponsors leading her to worlds this coming December. With daily tasks involving contacting businesses and companies whether they are small or big, Karli will do what it takes to aim for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I have always been a ‘go-getter’ and therefore, won’t stop at anything, Karli says. Even keeping busy with preparing for worlds, Karli still manages to fit in other daily commitments such as making time for family, looking after her two children Jonas, 18 months and Mia, 3 years, modelling, working at the local supermarket stocking shelves of a night time and running two successful businesses. “I keep busy, but I love it, Karli says”.

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Karli McGunigle – Mrs MegaVerse Australia

​After receiving her sash, Karli organised a photoshoot with some of her sponsors, Mark Duffus Photography & Born for more fitness.

missmegaverse.com19.10.17 b031ea089a232b0808fa50e33c5a5da398722236 - Karli McGunigle, Mrs. Megaverse Australia is on her way to world finals!

Article is up in Major newspapers here on the Gold Coast

Article of Karli posted in the Gold Coast Bulletin Thursday, 19th October 2017

missmegaverse.com22196434 1453994284721621 c47c379b8461d28adbfb4940693fdb7d5062542d - Karli McGunigle, Mrs. Megaverse Australia is on her way to world finals!

Karli McGunigle’s kids Jonas and Mia

Here’s a snapshot of Karli’s babies out shopping last week.

PHOTOS :: Madeline Cowe crowned as Miss World Australia 2016

Madeline Cowe is the new Miss World Australia

Check out some of the fabulous photos taken by La Rafael and Amasone for Missosology during the finals night of Miss World Australia 2016. Madeline Cowe of Queensland won the title.



Miss Earth Australia is Lyndl Kean


Lyndl Kean, a model who is currently a Sydneysider, won the coveted Miss Earth Australia 2016 crown. She will represent Australia at the Miss Earth 2016 finals later this year. Lyndl grew up in a seaside town of Wollongong in New South Wales.

This is the second attempt for Lyndl Kean at Miss Earth Australia. The 5’10” tall beauty finished as runner-up last year. While she has been modelling since 2006 Lyndl professes that her life is not just focused on glamor. She has a genuine concern for the environment as she is a nature enthusiast and is working to highlight the environmental impact of animal farming Down Under.

Australia is currently the 7th strongest country in the world of pageantry and it is steadily climbing in recent years. The country is yet to win the Miss Earth crown but last year Dayanna Grageda almost did it by placing as first runner-up.



Tania Dawson is Miss Universe New Zealand 2016


Papakura native Tania Dawson emerged as the best from a field of 20 contestants and went on to win the coveted Miss Universe New Zealand crown. In a night of entertainment, beauty and glamor held at the Sky City Theatre in Auckland, the 23 year old drama teacher, who also works as an actress and as a model, was visibly thrilled as she was crowned by the outgoing Miss New Zealand 2015 Samantha McClung.

Tania Dawson will now represent New Zealand at the Miss Universe pageant which will be held in the Philippines. Lorraine Downes remains as the only Kiwi beauty to win the elusive Miss Universe crown and that was back in 1983. Since the Top 10 finish of Lisa Maree de Montalk in 1992, New Zealand haven’t landed at the semis of Miss Universe.


Tania admitted that participating in pageants is completely outside her comfort zone. But her mother, who is a Filipina, encouraged her.

“My mother spent years encouraging me to enter. In the Philippines, pageants are regarded as a family honor and there is a huge amount of respect for them,” revealed Tania in an interview with Stuff, an online news magazine. “I thought I’d give it a go and next thing you know, I was enjoying them.”

The current Miss Universe, Pia Wurtzbach, is from the Philippines. As part Filipina, Tania Dawson may soon find it comfortable to compete in the Miss Universe pageant. The finals was set to be held at the Mall of Asia, Metro Manila, Philippines on January 30, 2017.




Miss Universe Australia 2017 kicks off in Brisbane



As the momentum builds for the selection of the new Miss Universe in Manila, the selection process for the next Miss Universe Australia 2017 has commenced, under the guidance of new directors Troy and Sophia Barbagallo, this being their second year at the helm.


Amasone in partnership with Missosology attended the first “registration” in Brisbane, Queensland.  This was an invaluable opportunity for girls to meet with industry professionals and personalities as well as the all-important task of registering interest to compete at a national level.  Come end of the night 16 girls were selected to move forward to the Queensland State Final in March.  Before then however additional registrations will take place in other major capitals around the country.



Amasone had the privilege to talk at length with the current titleholder Caris Tiivel.  We can confirm that this beauty is as stunning in reality as in print.  Caris is very much the complete package and is pageant ready.  In addition to her fresh editorial look and statuesque figure, she is blessed with an engaging down to earth Australian persona as with previous titleholders who we know will endear her to the global pageant audience.  Alas we could not get an inkling as to her competition gown other than it has been designed by leading Australian couturier Jadore and in fact there have been 3 prepared for her.


As Caris prepares for her departure to Manila next week, we at Amasone take this opportunity to wish her every success.

Texts and Photos by Sone Palupe of Amasone in collaboration with Missosology-Australia/New Zealand

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Miss Multiverse WA Regional Finalists fly high for title

Miss Multiverse WA Regional Finalists
Miss Multiverse AU WA Finalists

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On Sunday 29th of May, the Reality TV Show “I Am Multiverse – AU” filmed at the – Cirque Espace – Perth Flying Trapeze School. This was as part of the challenges for their contestants. Boundaries were pushed and fears were overcome.

The Miss Multiverse WA Regional Finalists will appear in “I Am Multiverse – Australia”. This is the Reality TV Show of “Miss Multiverse Australia”, a prestigious model contest searching for Australia’s most multi-faceted ladies.  Through a series of tests, challenges and eliminations, they will find their ultimate winner. She will be announced in August 2017 in Sydney.

The Miss Multiverse WA Regional Finalists were: Meagan Jones, Michelle Daniels, Maria Loomes, Aleisha Goiran and Ashlea Brewer who are all from Perth

The Trapeze challenge was to test the mental and physical abilities of the WA Regional Finalists.  The models were trained and guided by the very capable trainers, Nikki and Luc Gheysen. The trainers truly helped them push their boundaries.

Unfortunately, one of the contestants, Ashlea Brewer, were not able to compete in the Trapeze challenge. She recently had a baby. Ashlea was very disappointed that she could not take part. She did however give the other girls all the support she could.

Maria Looms says: “This is something I never would have thought of doing and thought I could do, and I am so proud of what I achieved today”.

In addition, two of the models (Megan Jones and Michelle Daniels) was unable to attend the Trapeze lesson.

Earlier in the day, models were interviewed in their business attire. A bikini catwalk test and an IQ test and general knowledge test followed.

“I am so proud of our WA finalists for what they achieved today and to see them have so much fun was very heart-warming”, says Producer and Regional Director, Yolandi Franken.

National Finalists will be announced 1 July 2017 and will attend the National Finals in Sydney in August 2017.

Photographer: Don @ Stylish Pics Photography

Miss Multiverse AU Queensland Regional Finals – contestants over the edge

Miss Multiverse QLD Rock Climbing
Contestants doing rock climbing with Green Frog Adventures.

The Queensland Regional Finals in Brisbane saw the contestants of Miss Multiverse Australia 2017 achieve new heights. Contestants pushed themselves to face their fears.

The contestants were competing in an Australian abseil (upside down abseil) and rock climbing challenge. Their guest judge for the day was Anthony Rice from IModelFashion Magazine. Contestants were tested on endurance, teamwork, leadership, personality and much more. Between all the fun of the day, there were also eliminations to balance the triumphs, tears and laughter. The Queensland Regional Finals was something to remember!

Miss multiverse Australia teamed up with Green Frog Adventures to create some exciting challenges. The challenges were designed to push the girls’ mental and physical strengths.

Grahame Pilling from green frog adventures : “We loved having the ladies with us and we are hoping to have them back next year.”

Miss Multiverse Australia is a new reality TV show that is launching in Australia this year. The show has had great success in America and South America over the last few years. The search is on for Australia’s most multifaceted model. She is not only beautiful on the outside but has a good education, interpersonal skills, social skills, emotional intelligence, catwalk and photographic skills and is also fit and healthy.

Miss Multiverse Qld
Joie Serrano doing her model walk

National Director and Producer, Yolandi Franken: “We are so impressed with our Queensland finalists and they really pushed themselves”.

From the seven regional finalist, two were eliminated. Five are still in the running to be a part of the National Finals, which will be held in Sydney in August this year. National finalists will be announced on the 1st of July 2017.

Miss Multiverse QLD
Discussing the contestants

The organisers selected Natalie Owen as the face of Green Frog Adventure’s motivational video. The video demonstrates how the company help individuals overcome their fears. This was due to her bravery on the day.

Models: Darsha foshaw, Carina Smith (eliminated), Emily Aoki, Jehsika Peacock,Joie Serrano, Karli McGunigle, Natalie Owen (Eliminated)

Photographer: Rafael Oliveira

Miss Multiverse VIC Finalists turning Melbourne upside down


Miss Multiverse VIC
Contestants playing Urban Quest

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The Miss Multiverse VIC Finalists competed for their spot in the National Finals in a new and exciting reality TV show and model contest.

Tensions and stakes were high for the Miss Multiverse VIC Finalists. From interviews to tests, photo shoots and Urban Quests, the seven models had a busy day.

Miss Multiverse Australia is a new reality TV show and model contest that is launching in Australia this year after great success in America and South America over the last few years. The search is on for Australia’s most multifaceted model that is not only beautiful on the outside but has a good education, interpersonal skills, social skills, emotional intelligence, catwalk and photographic skills and is also fit and healthy.

The day started with a tough and formal interview facing the guess judges, Sonalika Pradhan and her Bollywood actor Vishwajeet Pradhan from the designers brand, Vitamin by Sonalika, who is also a sponsor of the show and will provide the gowns for the final night awards show.

Sonalika Pradhan: “The competition was tough and all the girls are beautiful in their own way. We are proud to know that these model will be wearing our dresses”.

Following the interviews, the Miss Multiverse VIC Finalists were handed an unexpected written test who saw their faces turn upside down. Thankfully the lunch that followed at the Pancake Parlour in Melbourne Central was enough to get their positive moods back on track.

The swimwear photo shoot in the chilled winter temperatures truly tested their endurance. Although some were not too happy about parading in the cold, others accepted their fate as professional models.

Miss Multiverse VIC
Urban Quest – so much fun

The highlight of the day was definitely the 2-team race through the city. It led the models to follow ques and clues, solving problems and ultimately competing for the fastest time against the opposing team.

The Miss Multiverse VIC Finalists were tested on teamwork, leadership, sportsmanship, problem solving skills, and much more. The team at Urban Quest who organised this race did a fantastic job at putting together a race. It was not only very enjoyable, but also bring out the best qualities in each member of the team. The race ended in an informal award ceremony, organised by the Urban Quest team.

Serge Zubaryev from Urban Quest says: “As expected, some girls stood out as leaders and some as followers, but everyone showed great sportsmanship and positive attitude”.

The day ended in an elimination round and sadly someone was sent home. Four other contestants were disqualified for turning up late or not turning up at all.  The Miss Multiverse Australian National Finalists will be announced on 1 June 2017.

National Director and Producer, Yolandi Franken says: “The judging team and the Urban Quest team did a fantastic job in helping us identify the best and worst qualities of the girls”.

Models: Ashton Hayden, Grace Hann, Jessica-Lee Murphy, Shandara Kemp (Eliminated), Shanelle Chase, Sheralyn Hill, Stephanie Bridger

Photographer: Jack Kelly