5 Face Washes For Oily Skin

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As many people have realized, oily skin can be quite high maintenance. After all, those with oily skin types usually requires a specific set of products to help remove oil, clear dirt, and overall rejuvenate. However, with the right cleanser, you can minimize the amount of oil that rests on your skin. Here are five face washes which will help wipe off the oil on your face in order to create flawless looking skin.


bareMinerals Clay Chameleon Transforming Purifying Cleanser, $25: Created as a clay-to-cream formula, this cream cleanser was designed to remove impurities to produce refreshed and soft skin. Enriched with papaya and bamboo extracts, as well as Brazilian red clay and sea salts, the product claims to detoxify your skin, and is said to leave it pure and oil free.


Boscia Clear Complexion Cleanser, $35: Said to be both refreshing and lightweight, this gel cleanser is supposed to refine pores and maintain a clear complexion.  With its exfoliating properties, it claims to reduce the appearance of pores, as well as keep the skin clean and smooth.


Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Oil $35: This cleansing oil is said to immediately dissolve all oil on the face as well as any makeup or impurities. It is recommended for all skin types, and is expressed as being easy to glide on the face, leaving little to no residue behind.


Origins Zero Oil Oil-Free Moisture Lotion $35:  The lightweight lotion states that it will instantly reduce shine and ultimately create a smooth finish on your face. With the product’s natural oil-foilers, it claims to instantly remove all excess oil. With the loss of oil on the face, the likelihood of breakouts will be minimized. The product is also said to thoroughly hydrate skin.


Eve Lom Cleanser $58: With the signature blend of four aromatic plant oils, the skin is said to be left with a radiating, smoother, finish. The cleanser claims to cleanse, tone, exfoliate and remove all makeup. The change in skin is supposed to be instant and will continue to improve with use.

Cushion Foundations Are The Latest Beauty Trend For A Smooth Complexion


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While cushion eyeliner has already made a splash as a rising Korean makeup trend, the latest beauty innovation also draws its inspiration from Korea. Known as cushion foundation, the newest makeup trend involves sponges which are pressed into a lightweight foundation. These sponges are placed inside tiny compacts, and are said to encourage a gorgeous complexion.

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For beauty addicts who are tired of traditional powder foundations or heavy creamy formulas, cushion foundations just may help to perfect your visage. On Instagram, Asian beauty lovers are showcasing their love of cushion foundation, with flawless faces and smooth skin proudly on display.

Whether you want light, medium, or heavy coverage, you can do it all with a cushion foundation! Turn the volume ☝️ to hear how! Then, go to the Mixed Makeup YouTube channel to learn even more tips on cushion foundations. #mixedmakeup #cushionfoundation #makeup #foundation

A video posted by Mixed Makeup (@mixedmakeup) on Jul 14, 2016 at 7:12pm PDT

Although a cushion formula can be ideal for minimal, natural-looking coverage, it can also offer a buildable effect. The sponge can be pressed multiple times to use more of the product, while a single push will lead to a barely-there look.

With many cushion formulas being sold in convenient pocket-friendly sizes, this new foundation innovation is also appropriate for travel. If you’re a jet-setting beauty addict, cushion foundation can accompany you on your myriad adventures. The product can also allow for a quick beauty touch-up during a hectic workday packed with meetings and events.

While it will surely take time for cushion foundations to become a new makeup bag must-have, they are quickly making a splash. As you restock your beauty buys for the season ahead, the newest spin on a foundation compact may be a product to consider.

Would You Try Magnetic Face Masks To Get Beautiful Skin?

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While most beauty addicts have experimented with clay or mud masks in the past, the latest innovation in skincare brings face masking to entirely new levels. For anyone who is aiming for a gorgeous complexion this autumn, a magnetic face mask may be a winning skincare solution.

Unlike other varieties of at-home masks, magnetic masks do not need additional water and can be applied directly to the skin. After leaving the product in place for several minutes, beauty lovers can then use a magnet to remove the mask. These new skincare masks also come with spatulas, which are said to assist with the application process.


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According to InStyle, these masks claim to encourage a refreshed complexion, cleanse the skin and lead to supple, youthful skin. While some types of magnetic masks are said to unclog the pores, others are developed for anti-aging benefits. These masks are also packed with beneficial ingredients like the antioxidant Vitamin E, lavender oil, sweet almond oil and iron powder.

Although the classic spa facial or oatmeal mask might be your go-to solution for flawless skin, a magnetic face mask could be a potential new breakthrough. If you’re looking to hydrate your visage as the temperatures gradually dip, this may be a welcome skincare solution for the autumn months.

Skincare Boosters Are The Newest Must-Have Beauty Essentials

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While skincare trends such as multi-masking and sheet masks have been making a splash, skincare boosters are the latest beauty innovation to join this line-up. Praised for their antioxidant and moisturizing powers, boosters are essentially supplements which can be customized to suit your skin’s unique needs.

According to The Telegraph, boosters can provide benefits such as hydrating your skin, encouraging a youthful visage and targeting unwanted blemishes. In fact, some beauty boosters even claim to reduce the effects of stress on the skin and can offer a calming effect.

Skincare boosters are created with a variety of elements that claim to boost the skin and deliver beauty benefits. Some of these formulas are packed with hyaluronic acid, which is found naturally in the skin and said to hold in moisture.

Meanwhile, other botanical ingredients such as chamomile, watermelon extract and citrus extracts are said to rejuvenate the complexion. Vitamin-enriched boosters may also contain vitamins A and C, which are meant to pack a healthy antioxidant boost.

Whether you want to perfect your anti-aging skincare regimen or brighten a dull complexion, a quality skincare booster may be a new beauty must-have for the autumn months.

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The Latest Korean Skincare Trend Is Water Drops

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While water-based Korean skincare products have been making a splash, the newest trend in K-beauty quite literally involves droplets of water. As the latest beauty innovation to hail from Asia, water drops are said to replenish and rejuvenate dry skin.

For anyone looking to lightly and effectively moisturize the visage without leaving a greasy residue, Korean water drops just may be your new solution. These droplets are integrated into lightweight skin serums, which can then be applied to the face.

The water drops can be found in a variety of products, which may also contain natural botanical extracts, hyaluronic acid and ginseng. From sleeping masks to creams, water drops are quickly making a bold first impression outside of their native South Korea.

Although it may be too early to predict how popular this beauty trend will be, water is known to quench thirsty skin and encourage a healthy glow. With Korean beauty gurus being globally renowned for their youthful, radiant complexions, incorporating water droplets into your skincare regimen just may be a smart move.

Face Shaving For Women Is An Unexpected New Hair Removal Technique


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While most ladies are used to shaving their legs, a surprising new beauty phenomenon involves taking a razor to your delicate visage. Face shaving, which is also referred to as kao sori in Japan and dermaplaning elsewhere, has now started to gain popularity in North America.

Kao sori has been popular among Japanese and Korean women, who are also renowned for their youthful and refreshed complexions. More recently, it has earned celebrity fans such as singer LeAnn Rimes.

It is said to remove pesky upper lip, chin or cheek hairs, which have driven countless women to the waxing salon in the past. If you have unwanted facial hair, this removal technique claims to do the trick, and is also said to moisturize the skin.

The facial shaving process involves a scalpel, which is held against the skin by a professional facialist or esthetician. The scalpel is used to eliminate tiny fuzzy hairs, and can also restore a dull complexion to its former glory.

While at-home waxing, sugaring and depilation creams may be more traditional methods of facial hair removal for females, kao sori may be a rising trend. Before you try to shave the fine fuzz from your gorgeous visage, be sure to consult with a skincare professional for further insight.

Pumpkin Skincare Products To Try This Fall

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With fall officially underway, many of us have been obsessively enjoying the delicious pumpkin spice treats that pop up in coffee shops and bakeries at this time of year. Luckily, that pumpkin obsession doesn’t have to end with dessert, and can also extend to your beauty regimen. While this brightly coloured seasonal superfood is certainly delicious, it also offers a number of skincare benefits which can help to revitalize your visage. From pumpkin infused face masks to scented body lotions, the beauty possibilities are endless for pumpkin fanatics. We’ve rounded up some of the best pumpkin skincare products for you to consider trying now – with a tempting pumpkin spice latte in your other hand, of course!


Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask, $72

This seasonal mask by Peter Thomas Roth is an exfoliating treatment that claims to do the work of three products: it is said to exfoliate with pumpkin enzyme, peel with alpha hydroxyl acid, and polish with aluminum oxide crystals. It claims to even out skin tone, smooth fine lines and wrinkles and to clarify the overall skin. The product is also said to offer a seasonal scent, which just may make this face mask a welcome option among pumpkin pie enthusiasts.


Clientele Elastology Pumpkin Regeneration Body Souffle, $37

As the weather turns colder, moisturized skin becomes even more desirable. Clientele’s Pumpkin Regeneration Body Souffle is a rich cream that is said to improve the hydration and moisturization of the skin. The cream is meant to be massaged into dry problem areas like heels and elbow to moisturize dry skin.



Ole Henriksen Truth Sugar Glow Polishing Mask, $55

Pumpkin is just one of the natural ingredients that this product boasts. Complete with sugar, honey, and pomegranate, this exfoliator claims to utilize some of nature’s finest in order to polish away dead, dull, skin cells. The pumpkin extract is said to work alongside the other ingredients to naturally brighten your skin tone and offer a radiant effect.


Arcona Pumpkin Body Lotion 10%, $48.24

If you’re looking to repair some of the sun damage to your delicate epidermis, Arcona’s Pumpkin Body Lotion claims to soften and smooth the skin. A pure and natural lotion, this product is infused with pumpkin extracts and glycolic acid that are said to help to improve the skin’s elasticity.

Avoid These 4 Foods If You Want Gorgeous Skin


We spend so much energy and money obsessing over the products that we use on our skin, be it a cleanser, moisturizer, or scrub. Yet we often forget that what we put into our body is equally – if not more – important in maintaining clear, youthful-looking skin. No matter how much expensive moisturizer you load up on your skin, you won’t achieve that radiant glow if you’re still eating foods filled with harmful toxins. Luckily, there’s more information than ever about the kinds of foods known to trigger skin irritation. Here are our tips on what foods to drop from your diet, along with some healthy substitutes to swap in for a beautiful, glowing visage. 



Cheese lovers, we have some bad news. Those delicious dairy products are likely the cause of your skin irritations. In fact, a study completed by Harvard School of Public Health found that there was a clear link between those who drank milk regularly and those who suffered from acne. This is because all dairy, even organic, comes from lactating cows.  That milk and cheese that you’re putting into your body is full of hormones, which can inevitably lead to the outbreak of hormonal acne. Dairy is also extremely difficult for the body to digest, which leads to inflammation. Inflammation often manifests itself on the skin through irritations like acne and eczema. Rather than cow’s milk, try switching it up with almond or rice milk.

Gluten-heavy grains

Our beloved morning bagels may not be doing our skin any good. According to the Mayo Clinic, gluten is one of the most common allergens, with some specialists predicting that up to 50% of the population may have a sensitivity to the protein. When your body digests an allergen, its responds with inflammation. This can manifest itself through acne, eczema, psoriasis and other frustrating skin irritations. Opt for gluten-free grains like rice and oatmeal, or grain alternatives like quinoa.


It’s relatively common knowledge that sugar in general is a no-no for your skin. According to dermatologist Dr. Steven Victor, too much sugar can lead to wrinkles, uneven skin texture, and abnormal oil content. But what makes sodas particularly dangerous for your skin is their chemical makeup. Pops like Coke and Pepsi contain advanced glycation end products, which react with the skin cells to contribute to and possibly accelerate the effects of aging on the skin. Instead of guzzling down pop, trying squeezing a dash of fresh fruit juice into sparkling water or a seltzer.

Fried foods

A correlation that you likely saw coming is that between fried food and skin irritation. Fried food is cooked in a plethora of oil, which builds oxidized and saturated fat that is harmful for the body to intake. According to nutritionist Dana James, “consistent consumption of fried foods causes damage to the cellular structure of the dermis and epidermis and this leads to sallow, aged skin and more cystic acne.” Instead of fried food that is high in saturated fat, go for foods that are high in omega fatty acids, as found in foods like fish, avocados and nuts.

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